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Principles Message

2 years ago

Greetings Students and Parents: 
Welcome to Orange Vista High School, the home of the Coyotes!  I am honored to serve as your school principal and look forward to getting to know each of you during your time at OVHS.  I believe that every student is capable of learning and has gifts and abilities to offer our school, county, state, country, and world.  I am proud of our staff that is working hard to create a school in which every student learns and is prepared for life in the 21st century and where every student feels safe, dignified, and accepted.  We are excited about the systems and processes in place to support all of our students to ensure learning for each student.  My challenge to each of you is to find some type of school activity (athletics, activities, performing arts, clubs, etc.) to involve yourself with and connect to your school.  It is my desire that you enjoy your time at Orange Vista High School and will look back with fond memories and experiences.  I want you to leave our school prepared to “make your mark” on our community, state, and the world; as I believe you can and will accomplish whatever you set your heart and mind to do.  Please take some time to review the contents of the academic planner and organizer, as it contains information that will assist you in having a great experience while at Orange Vista.  I would encourage you to use the calendar pages in the back of this booklet to help organize and write homework and upcoming important assignments.  Let’s have an enjoyable, memorable, and successful school year together!
In Service, Mr. Workman

Josh Workman

OVHS Principle

Guidance Home

2 years ago

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